Tripoli-based Hor: HCS ignored us in favour of Aqila Saleh

Tripoli-based Hor: HCS ignored us in favour of Aqila Saleh

September 29, 2020 - 12:53
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The House of Representatives (HoR) based in Tripoli has accused the High Council of State (HCS) of showing disregard to their block by limiting its contacts in the ongoing round of talks with Aqila Saleh, "as if he was the parliament."

In a communication addressed to the HCS, the HoR members in Tripoli demanded an explanation on what grounds they have been excluded from the current negotiations.

"Any dialogue would need a legal framework that codifies and legalize its outcomes," the HoR's communication read, insisting that their participation in any dialogue concerned with solving the Libyan crisis is vital.

"The HoR has taken note that as soon as the door for political dialogue was opened, the HCS approached the aggressor and the political wing supporting him represented by Aqila Saleh and the Tobruk-based HoR," the MP's in Tripoli said.

It expressed surprise at the HCS's action towards Saleh and his deputies, although they only represent "a small minority of the HoR members who do not constitute a quorum."

The Bouznika dialogue sessions in Morocco are expected to resume next Tuesday, after being delayed on Sunday, for logistical reasons, a source from the HCS told the Anadolu Agency.