Tripoli brigades say no to dictator Khalifa Haftar

Tripoli brigades say no to dictator Khalifa Haftar

March 18, 2017 - 11:40
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Written by: AbdullahBenIbrahim

22 armed brigades from Tripoli rejected on Friday attempts of Khalifa Haftar to put the country under the military rule and bring it back to the dictatorship era.

In a statement following the that was spoiled by dozens of Khalifa Haftar’s supporters, the brigades, all loyal to UN-proposed Presidency Council, said glorifying people like prisoner of war Khalifa Haftar is totally rejected.

“We will hit with an iron fist those who try to undermine security and create chaos in Tripoli,” the statement indicated.

The brigades confirmed they will never accept Dignity Operation and they will fight terrorism and extremism.

“We support activation of army and police institutions, and we are with freedom of speech and peaceful handover of power,” they confirmed.