Armed clashes were reported wednesday dawn in Arada, eastern Tripoli, after the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade attacked an armed force’s building in the same area.

In a statement issued Thursday by the brigade, it said it ringed the armed force in within Arada area and clashed with its fighters, killing its commander and three fighters.

The brigade said the reason of the attack is that the armed force was involved in murders, banditry, kidnap and smuggling the illegal immigrants despite the fact that the armed group is part of the Central Security Department of the Interior Ministry.

“This armed force is a hub for criminal cells and organized murders in Tripoli.” The Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade added.

It added that one of its infamous murders is killing a man a month ago; in addition to stealing a money deposit for Madar Mobile Phone Company worth LYD 1.7 million a year and a half ago, let alone the robbery of a bank’s car six months ago.

The Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, led by Haitham Al-Tajouri, clashed with another armed force in Tripoli and took over military and administrative buildings it used to control, including the mail company building in Al-Zawiya St. and Health Ministry in Firnaj district.