Libya saw mass demonstrations on Friday in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, who are facing relentless bombing by the Israeli forces, with Human Rights Watch confirming the use of white phosphorous in these attacks.

"Al-Aqsa Storm" operation launched by the Palestinian fighters in the occupied territory last Saturday set off an outpouring of support across Libya.

In the capital, Tripoli, crowds from all walks of life gathered in Martyr Square to celebrate the operation, chanting against Israel and saluting the Palestinian fighters for the "courageous" move.

"It's been a long time since we've seen such a big demonstration," said Huda in her 20s, with joy in her eyes and a keffiyeh wrapped around her shoulders.

The rally featured fiery speeches lauding the resilience of those in Gaza and all occupied Palestinian territories. Sheikh Abdulrahman Gadu, an Islamic scholar, called on Muslims to exercise all forms of resistance and not to undervalue any support, no matter how small. "Your gathering here today irritates the enemy and means a lot to your brothers in Palestine," he said.

In a simulation of the Palestinian fighters, an enthusiast flew his motorized paraglider over Martyr Square, flying the Palestinian flag as crowds cheered him up from the ground.

Despite division, the Palestinian cause remains an agreed-upon issue in the Libyan community, who forced their prime minister to sack his Foreign Ministry Najla Al-Manqoush, after reports of her meeting the Israeli FM behind closed doors last August.