The acting President of the University of Tripoli, Ali Mosadak, gave Sunday a briefing to the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, regarding the demands of the faculty members and teaching staff amid the continued suspension of studies at the university, and the university faculty members’ sit-in.

Mosadak presented to Al-Lafi the demands related to the rights of academic university professors, improving their financial conditions, implementing the salary schedule included in the university law, and ways to reach the resumption of studies, and the return of students as soon as possible, according to a statement by the Presidential Council.

The crisis of the teaching staff's sit-in reached its peak with the University Faculty Staff Syndicate announcing the kidnapping of Abdel Fattah Al-Sayeh by unknown people, before releasing him based on an agreement with the Internal Security Apparatus in Tripoli to end the sit-in and resort to the judiciary.

The teaching staff of the University of Tripoli were not alone in reiterating the demands, as their counterparts at Sabratha University announced the continuation of their sit-in until the government responded to their demands by implementing the legislation issued by the House of Representatives regarding the financial aspect, resuming scholarships, and beginning the disbursement of sabbatical leave.

The General Secretariat at Al-Jufra University also announced at the conclusion of a consultative meeting its refusal to end the sit-in of faculty members before their demands were met.