The Turkish Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MUSIAD) said that it was looking forward to raising the volume of trade with Libya by tenfold within the next three years, knowing that it currently stands at about four billion dollars.

After his recent visit to Libya, the Head of the MUSIAD branch office in Konya - central Turkey - Hilmi Kagnici, revealed the results of the fruitful meetings with high-ranking officials during a tour with twenty businessmen, saying Mayors also participated in the meetings, and adding that they gave the Turkish delegation very good opportunities. 

"They made it clear that we must work together and make investments. They promised us serious opportunities there. We can do a lot." Kagnici said. 

He indicated, in statements reported by the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak on Saturday, that they conducted a tour of a car factory that has not worked for 7 or 8 years in Libya, but it is a very modern factory, adding that it is very useful for them, as it is an area free from financial problems.

Kagnici highlighted the potential of industrialists in Konya, stressing that they aim to contribute to the development of Libya and trade between the two countries, adding that they have a commercial relationship with Libya estimated at about $4 billion, but it is not a dream that this number will increase ten times within 2-3 years. 

The Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade Mohammed Al-Huwei discussed last Thursday in Turkey with businessmen and owners of Turkish companies the resumption of their business in Libya in line with the Libyan government's action plan.

Turkey's exports to Libya exceeded $758 million from last January until the end of April of this year. The sector of chemicals and their products topped exports with about $105.2 million, followed by textile and clothes' sector with $103.4 million, then grains, legumes, oilseeds and their products, which amounted to $102.7 million.