Khalifa Haftar's indiscriminate rocket attack targeted Wednesday night Al-Hadba Al-Badri area in south Tripoli, leaving two civilians killed and five others wounded.

A source from Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) operation said Haftar's forces near Yarmouk Camp in southern Tripoli targeted Al-Hadba Al-Badri area in a new breach of the ceasefire, adding that one of the injured persons is at the intensive care unit.

The attack at night left the residents in panic and caused damage to cars and houses of several people living in Al-Hadba Al-Badri, eyewitnesses said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Haftar's forces fired a rocket that fell but didn't explode near the Faculty of Agriculture in Tripoli University, leaving the students in total panic and fear.

On Tuesday in Salah Al-Deen, two people were killed and three others injured in a renewed Haftar's indiscriminate attack, the media adviser of the Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi said.

While on Tuesday morning, two kids were killed and others wounded as Haftar's random shells fell on a house in Al-Sawani, bringing the death toll to six in two days.