The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted Tuesday a draft resolution submitted by Libya to declare May 25 as “World Football Day."

The Libyan Mission to the United Nations said that the resolution it had submitted was a joint initiative with Bahrain and Tajikistan, noting that the reason for choosing May 25 was that it was at the time of the organization of the World Olympic Football Championship in 1924, which was the first tournament with representation from all the continents of the world.

The resolution calls on all member states, United Nations organizations, international and regional organizations, football federations, the private sector and civil society to celebrate this day.

Libya's ambassador at the United Nations, Taher El Sonni, stressed during his speech before the Assembly of Nations the importance of this decision despite the difficult circumstances and crises that the world is going through these days, saying that this decision was one of the tools through which a state of tolerance and peace could be created.

El Sonni has pointed out that football is not just a game, but rather a global language that transcends politics, barriers and borders due to its cultural and social impact.

A few months ago, the Libyan mission, along with the missions of Bahrain and Tajikistan, took over the leadership and launching of this initiative, facilitating consultation sessions on the text of the resolution, and forming a core group to provide and mobilize the necessary support for it.