Libya's ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni, said history records that "we meet here and we have passed 100 days since the brutal and barbaric attacks on innocent civilians of the Palestinian people have started, in light of the complete inability and clear failure of the Security Council to carry out its role: maintaining international peace and security.”

El Sonni added in his speech last Tuesday during the UN Security Council session entitled “The situation in the Middle East and the Palestinian issue”: “History records double standards, so there is no need for me to remind you of the position of many countries in the recent past, because of the situation in Ukraine, and the call of these countries and the pressure they have exerted and continue to exert, to demand respect for the Charter of the United Nations, the application of the principles of international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians, so what happened today? Are the people of Gaza not human? Are peoples classified by degrees? Where is justice? Enough hypocrisy, enough falsifying facts, because history is recorded.”

"From here, I address our people in Palestine, especially our people in Gaza, that what we are doing today is the least possible in response to your sacrifices, and it is an attempt on our part to awaken those who are in their slumber, because like you, we have lost confidence in the international community due to double standards, but we must know that we in Libya and the free peoples of the world are with you in your struggle, and we will not abandon you, and we stand firm on our principles in supporting your right to resistance and self-determination, and the countries of the world must now prove to their people that the human conscience is still alive, and that they will stand in the face of this aggression and blatant injustice, which claimed the lives of children, women and innocent people.” El Sonni said.

The Libyan ambassador called on the international community to work together by all means to stop this brutal aggression and cease fire immediately, and to block the way to acts of genocide, destruction, displacement and displacement, stressing Libya’s position that no peace will be achieved without reviving hope, especially for the current generation, saying that the first steps begin with granting full membership for the State of Palestine in the United Nations, with the Palestinian people obtaining all their legitimate rights, the return of all displaced persons to their homeland, and the establishment of an independent State of Palestine with "Holy Jerusalem" as its capital.