The UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame said in his briefing at the Security Council on Thursday that ceasefire in Libya remained ink on paper as artillery shelling exchanges increased lately between the two sides of the conflict, adding that Haftar's forces attacked Libyan Army forces under the command of Government of National Accord (GNA) in Al-Wishka, using all kinds of weapons, including drones.

Salame added that in the last two days, four children were killed in Hadba, Tripoli, while civilian casualties increased recently in different areas in Tripoli, saying Haftar's forces reinforced their capabilities after aircraft arrived in Al-Khadim airbase in eastern Libya during the ceasefire period.

He also mentioned that GNA forces had reinforced their defence systems by installing a high-tech air defence system provided by a foreign country, saying it was Hawk Defense System.

Salame explained that 110 violations of ceasefire had been documented by UNSMIL since its announcement on January 12, saying there are deep divisions at Libya's House of Representatives that are hindering the selection of their delegates to the UN-sponsored dialogue, adding that GNA representatives agreed to participate at the dialogue and that he will meet with Haftar in a couple of days to that end.

"There are spoiling parties in Libya and outside it claiming to accept political solutions in international circles but are working on military solutions. I'm concerned about the violations in Sirte after Haftar's forces have seized it. The UNSMIL received reports about extrajudicial executions and killings in Haftar-controlled areas in Tarhouna and Tripoli." Salame explained.