The United States (US) ex-envoy to Libya, Jonathan Winer, said on X platform that the Russian President Vladimir Putin had proposed to Khalifa Haftar a plan for Libya-Russia joint defense deal. 

Winer explained that with the deal, Russia would supply advanced air defense systems to "Libyan National Army", Haftar's forces basically based in the eastern region, in addition to training Haftar forces' pilots, developing joint Russian-Libyan air bases in east and south of the country, and setting up joint naval bases. 

"House of Representatives (HoR) will be asked to vote yes." Winer said, adding that in Moscow, Haftar met with Russian President Putin who personally instructed Russian Foreign Ministry and ambassador in Tripoli to push proposed joint defense agreement through Libyan HoR as soon as possible after Derna crisis, reiterating that it was hard to believe "Libya would agree to become a Russian colony."

Haftar visited Moscow last Tuesday and met with a number of officials, including President Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The US warned Haftar, and other leaders of armed groups in Libya, against "relying on Russian President Vladimir Putin," according to a White House spokesperson cited by Al-Arabiya TV Channel.

"Libyan leaders must unite during the crisis and Washington is in the meantime in contact with the Libyan government to provide any necessary support.” The US official said.

The Russian embassy in Libya commented sarcastically on reports that the US had warned Haftar and other Libyan leaders against rapprochement with Russia, saying in a comment on its Telegram channel: "Washington is still entertaining us. We laughed all night.”