A US court has summoned Khalifa Haftar as he is a dual Libyan and American citizen based on a lawsuit filed by Libyans accusing him of killing and indiscriminate shelling on civilians in Tripoli.

The lawsuit says Haftar killed family members of the citizens who filed the case in the Virginia court. They said the forces who carried out the attacks acted on Haftar's orders, killing over 1000 people.

The Virginia court said that if Haftar didn't appear before the court, he would be sentenced in absentia.

Last July, four Libyan families filed a lawsuit against Haftar in the US for his war crime in Libya.

The lawsuit also said that Haftar is fighting in Tripoli to topple the internationally recognized government.

Meanwhile, US Congressmen have called earlier for prosecuting Haftar for war crimes he committed in Libya since 2014, citing that he is a US citizen and should be tried in the US.