The Volcano of Rage Operation of the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has declared West and Central regions military operations zones and banned movements of military, paramilitary, goods and fuel vehicles without prior permission.

Volcano of Rage Operation said the step came as part of the state of emergency and mobilization so that military operations could be carried out without disruption of any basic and humanitarian services to the residents.

It also called for coordination in sending equipment and materials needed for combating Coronavirus all across West and Central Libya as per the orders of the Presidential Council.

A source from Volcano of Rage Operation said the step came after their forces had made sure that Khalifa Haftar's forces were trying to transfer ammunition to operations zones on civilian trucks and pretend they were medical supplies and foods as it had been difficult for them over the last days to transfer ammunition and weapons on already known routes.

Libyan Air Force operations have been bossing the sky over the last days, targeting Haftar's forces in south Tripoli, Al-Watiya airbase and in eastern Misrata, all over West and Central regions, especially on Al-Wishka frontline, causing them massive losses of fighters and military supplies, let alone destroying tens of fuel trucks, several tanks and rocket launchers.