The US President Joe Biden has submitted the "Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability" that aims to prevent violence and advances stability in areas vulnerable to conflict. This strategy is under the bipartisan Global Fragility Act and will be implemented through 10-year plans developed with extensive consultations with local stakeholders in priority partner countries and regions including Libya.

The White House added in a statement that in Libya, the US is focusing on laying the groundwork for an elected national government capable of governing, providing services, and maintaining security throughout the country. 

"The United States is pursuing a flexible, adaptive approach focused on community-level programs that can be scaled up as opportunities arise to support national elections; access to security, justice, accountability, and reconciliation; and pre-disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration efforts." The statement reads.

This announcement came days after the visit of the US Assistant Secretary of State, Barbara Leaf, to Libya, where she met with the Libyan Prime Minister, Head of High Council of State, Head of the Presidential Council, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Khalifa Haftar and the UN envoy to Libya.