Wide international welcome to new executive authority in Libya

Wide international welcome to new executive authority in Libya

February 06, 2021 - 11:09
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Written By: LibyaMohammed

A number of countries have welcomed the results of the electoral process conducted by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) on Friday in Geneva, which resulted in the election of the executive authority represented by a Presidential Council consisting of three members in addition to a Prime Minister.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry welcomed in a statement on Friday the selection of the winning list, expressing its hope to form a new national unity government within the framework of the roadmap set by the LPDF, stressing that this democratic step taken by the Libyans is an important opportunity to protect Libya's sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and political unity.

The Italian Foreign Ministry also congratulated the elected candidates, expressing its hope that the new government in Libya would be inclusive, considering it as an important step on the road to stability and institutional unification in Libya, in light of the elections scheduled to take place on December 24, 2021.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry also welcomed the election of the LPDF as a unified executive authority, adding in a statement “we wish the new Libyan leadership success in achieving the difficult goals of the transitional phase before it, foremost among which is the organization of a constitutional referendum and general elections scheduled for December 24, 2021”.

In the same context, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomed in a statement the results of the LPDF's vote, calling on “Libyans to continue to advance the supreme interest of their country,” saying that “our aspiration to work with the Libyan Interim Authority in the coming period, until the handover of power to the elected government.”

In Jordan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed in a statement the formation of the Libyan executive authority, describing the matter as a "positive step", and wishing success for the interim authority in managing the transitional phase until elections are held and power is handed over to the elected government.

In a statement, the Saudi Foreign Ministry also welcomed the results of the vote, expressing its aspiration to achieve "security and stability in Libya," and hoping that "this achievement would preserve the unity and sovereignty of Libya”.

The UAE Foreign Ministry also welcomed the formation of the new executive authority, affirming in a statement its "full cooperation with the new authority”.

Meanwhile, the Qatari Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, that it welcomes the election of the interim executive authority in Libya, considering this step a "milestone", and stressing the need for all Libyan parties to adhere to the set election date and work to achieve comprehensive reconciliation.