The Libyan Health Ministry said Monday that Khalifa Haftar's indiscriminate shelling on Garabulli in eastern Tripoli killed a woman and her son.

According to the Health Ministry, the woman died after suffering serious injuries from Haftar forces' shelling and shortly afterward, her son died of serious wounds as well, while two other of the woman's sons had been lodged at the intensive care unit at hospital due to the same attack.

Meanwhile, Haftar's forces continued rocket attacks on civilian houses in Ain Zara, Baer Al-Alam and Souq Al-Jumua, causing casualties and damage to properties.

Earlier, sources said one person was killed as a rocket fired by Haftar's forces fell on his house in Al-Mouz Street in Tripoli, while another person was killed in Baer Al-Alam in south Tripoli due to Haftar's indiscriminate shelling.

Haftar's Grad attacks hit Sunday Mitiga Airport and surrounding areas, leaving a massive damage in infrastructure.