Zliten's Mayor, Miftah Hamadi, has announced plans to address the issue of rising water levels in the area.

During a press conference, he revealed that the municipality would be opening new paths utilizing a drainage network approved by a foreign consulting team.

In coordination with the Water and Sewage Company, a surface network for pumping groundwater towards the sea will also be established, covering an area of 5,000 meters.

He said such measures represent a significant step towards minimizing makeshift solutions, such as suction and backfill operations and reducing the rising water levels in the area.

Furthermore, Hamadi revealed that the municipality received a water desalination network with a capacity of 72,000 litres from the National Center for Disease Control.

He said the authorities will rent apartments or provide rent allowances to assist those affected by the water levels, anticipating that 80 families will be evacuated in the coming period.