The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in the Government of National Unity (GNU) Hussein Al-Gotrani, met with officials of the Italian company “Scova”, to discuss the company’s role in addressing the phenomenon of high groundwater levels in the city of Zliten.

The meeting took place in the Tunisian capital on the sidelines of the activities of the Mediterranean Forum, the ministry confirmed in a statement on Friday.

The statement said that the Italian company is a pioneer in the field of water technologies and pumping and drainage stations, noting that its officials have visited Zliten recently to identify the issue of rising groundwater levels.

The Italian company's technical chief provided an explanation of the procedures that were taken after Zliten's visit, and the preliminary studies that were discussed as well as the proposals reached by the company's specialists to solve the problem.

Al-Gotrani stressed the need to urgently submit a proposed vision from the Italian company to the mayor of Zliten, so that he could collect the proposals for studies by the team of consultants tasked with preparing urgent solutions.

He added that the report submitted by the company would be tackled by the relevant team in Zliten municipality in order to achieve the goals that all Libyans desire, including the targeting of urgent and future solutions.