The Mayor of Zliten Municipality, Moftah Hammadi has revealed that the implementation of a horizontal drainage system contributed to reducing water level.

This came during a meeting on Monday with Head of Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, during which Hammadi briefed him on the situation in the city, in terms of assessing the damage and implementing technical work.

The well-drilling company drilled exploratory wells as requested by the English consulting office, in addition to establishing a horizontal drainage network, which contributed to reducing water levels, according to the mayor.

He also said they are continuing to address the conditions of affected homeowners by providing housing and rental allowance,

During the meeting, Dbeibah stressed the need to intensify efforts of the municipality and other relevant institutions to address the situation in Zliten in a scientific and professional manner within identified period of time.

Zliten was declared a disaster area due to the current high levels of groundwater.