Libya's national soccer team has crushed Seychelles 8-1 at AFCON 2019, Cameroon qualifiers, thus renewing hope for making it to the competition.

Libya played very comfortably at the match Saturday noon and in a very training-session-like game, Libyan footballers started scoring from the very first minutes of the game.

Anis Salto scored a hat-trick at the minutes 20, 32 and 62 for Libya, while the five remaining goals were scored by Al-Motasem Sabo, Khalid Al-Meryami, Salim Al-Mesallati, Rabie Al-Shadi and Hamdo Al-Huni.

This score is the biggest for Libya away in its soccer history.

Libya has become third in Group E with 7 points and Seychelles remained fourth with 1 point.

Libya will have now a big chance to qualify for the AFCON competitions in Cameroon 2019 if it won over South Africa on March 22, 2019.

Meanwhile, Nigeria secured a ticket to AFCON after drawing on Saturday South Africa 1-1.

Nigeria, after the draw, becomes number one on Group E with 10 points, while South Africa came second with 9 points.