Libya received a heavy blow after losing 4-1 to Tunisia yesterday, in the first round of the African Nations Cup qualifying series.

The Tunisians scored early and twice, from the start, by a strike from Wahbi al-Khazri in the 33rd minute and Seif Eddine El Khaoui in the 41st minute. However, the Libyan team did well and managed to end the first half with a tight score 2-1, by a strike from Hamdou El Huny in the 45th minute, putting some life back into a Libyan hope.

The Tunisian team wasted no time in the second half and pushed on with their lead when El Khaoui made no mistake in placing his third ball in the game, in the Libyan end.

By that time, the match looked out of hands for the Libyan team, where they seemed to have lacked fitness in front of their opponent whose performance was much more convincible.

Tunisian al-Khazri added his second ball in the match in the 88th minute and ended the game with a dominant 4-1 victory over Libya.

With this victory, Tunisia tops the group with three points; two goals ahead of the Tanzanian team with an equal score, Libya and Equatorial Guinea finished third and fourth with no points.

Libya will play Tanzania in the second round of Group 10 matches on Tuesday in Monastir, Tunisia.