The Libyan athlete Retaj Al-Sayeh has accused the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of depriving her and Libya of a gold medal in the discus throw game at the ongoing Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey.

In a post on her Facebook account, Al-Sayeh explained that there was a difference of 3 meters between the 56.40-meter discus record registered in her name and the first-placed woman.

Al-Sayeh had previously complained about being denied participation in the Islamic Games competitions in Turkey, and that Libya's participation was limited to discus throw only because it won a medal in the Mediterranean Games in Algeria.

After Libya's modest results in the Mediterranean Games in the Algerian city of Oran, the Board of Directors of the IOC decided to limit participation in the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey, to the game of discus throw only.

However, Al-Sayeh called for exemption from this decision, because she did not participate in the Mediterranean Games, calling on the Olympic Committee to reconsider the decision.