The Libyan Football League's second-leg round kicked off on Saturday but the three scheduled matches were canceled because of the withdrawal of one team in every match.

Shabab Al-Jabal, Al-Itiihad Al-Musrati and Al-Khumus withdrew from the matches and Abu Salim, Al-Tahadi and Al-Sweihli showed up. After legally waiting for half an hour by the referees of the three matches, the latter teams went home with three points after being announced winners as per the football regulations (2-0).

Nine football teams announced that they would not play the second leg until they obtained financial support from the government, just like other teams, saying that some of those teams have been receiving significant financial support from the Government of National Unity.

In response to calls by the football clubs to freeze their participation in the league; the Chairman of the Libyan Football Association, Abdul Hakim Al-Shalmani, said that the Committee for Organizing Tournaments would apply the regulations governing the Libyan League to the situation without hesitation in the event that any of the teams failed to play the matches of the first round of the second leg.

In an attempt to contain the conundrum, the Minister of Sports, Abdul Shafie Al-Jaweifi, called on the heads of the boards of directors of the "Libyan Premier League's clubs to meet, next Tuesday at the headquarters of the Ministry, in the presence of the Chairman of the Libyan Football Association, to discuss the financial problems that could afflict Libyan football."