The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah met Tuesday with the Minister of Youths and Sports, Abdelshafie Al-Jaweifi, heads of sports clubs, and the Chairman of the Libyan Football Federation (LFF) Abdelhakik Al-Shalmani, to review the difficulties facing some of the clubs which are suspending their league matches.

Dbeibah explained at the meeting that supporting youths and sports remained a priority for his government, stressing the need for the Ministry of Sports and the LFF to pay attention to the age groups, organizing the number of clubs, in addition to reiterating the importance of having an association for "Premier League clubs."

He also voiced support for the league clubs to ensure the continuation of the league matches, provided that the LFF and the Ministry of Sports have a plan and continue to focus on premier league clubs as well as age groups, adding that the support should be according to the activities of each sports club.

After the meeting, sources close to some clubs confirmed that the problems that caused the clubs to suspend their participation in the league had been resolved, and that the clubs which boycotted the first week of the second-leg round would resume their participation in the second week.

Nine football teams suspend playing in the second-leg until they obtained financial support from the government, just like to other teams, which they said had received significant financial support from the Government of National Unity.

In response to calls by the football clubs to freeze their participation in the league; the Chairman of the LFF, Abdul Hakim Al-Shalmani, said that the Committee for Organizing Tournaments would apply the regulations governing the Libyan League to the situation without hesitation in the event that any of the teams failed to play the matches of the first round of the second leg.