The Head of the Libyan General Authority for Telecommunications (GAT) Abdelbaset Al-Baour, outlined Tuesday the national strategy for information and telecommunications (IT) sector in a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

Al-Baour said in his speech at the ceremony that the strategy consisted of many elements that could be placed under three main factors; the first is related to improving the IT infrastructure in Libya, the second is encouraging innovation and investment, and the third is developing human capabilities and digital services. He also explained that the new strategy aims to exploit Libya's strategic location and turn it into a "transit gateway" to the African continent through the "North-South" project, whose implementation is scheduled to start in the near future.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah said that the national strategy was a major event that would lay the foundation for effective IT-developmentĀ  projects in Libya, adding that the strategy was a result of the great efforts of effective national elements in response to a situation that required catching up with progress according to a practical and scientific plan based on relying on Libyan competencies.

Dbeibah hailed the whom he called the distinguished youth that presented "pioneering" technical initiatives to face the challenges of lack of liquidity, created practical and multi-use applications that kept pace with technical development, and provided technical solutions to problems facing Internet networks.