Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh underscored on Monday the need to focus more on cybersecurity and integrate it into the strategic plan of the Libyan Post, Telecommunications, and Information Technology Company (LPTIC).

In his address during the company's general assembly, Dbeibeh highlighted the necessity of delivering high-quality telecommunications and information technology services to citizens.

He advocated for activating the Libyan Academy of Telecommunications' role in engaging and training youth and university students, aiming to foster a technology culture within this demographic.

Dbeibeh also pointed to the critical need for technical support in the digital transformation initiatives of government sectors and underscored the completion of the consolidated financial statements for the years 2021-2022-2023, in collaboration with the Audit Bureau, serving as the external auditor for the company.

The meeting agenda included discussions on the holding company's strategy, targeted projects, consolidated financial statements, deliberations on the national plan for the telecommunications and information technology sector, and the operational steps for the postal addressing project.

Mohamed Ayad, Chairman of the Board, provided a comprehensive presentation on the company's approach towards the projects targeted in the 2024 plan for subsidiary companies, the consolidated financial statements of the holding company, and a detailed visual presentation on the national strategy for the telecommunications and information technology sector.