The Director General of the Tourism Information and Documentation Center, Osama Al-Khabuli, confirmed that Libya started to see an increase in the pace of local investment in tourism, thanks to the increase in the number of tourist resorts and hotels, stressing that Libyan tourism had been active lately.

Al-Khabuli's remarks came at the First Forum for Tourism Media on the sidelines of the Arab Radio and Television Festival in its 23rd session, held in Tunis, with the participation of the Undersecretary for Tourism Affairs at the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, Hanan Al-Hassi.

Al-Khabuli reviewed some indicators of the growth of travel, including the increase of the number of flights linking Libyan airports and surrounding countries to 65 weekly, and the total number of travelers to about 1.2 million annually, in addition to 16,000 passengers per week via land travel routes; explaining that such indicators boost stability and indicate that Libya is on the road to recovery.

The Tunisian Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Moez Belhassen, opened the forum sessions, in the presence of the President of the Arab Tourism Organization, Bandar bin Fahed, the President of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, the President of the World Organization of Journalists and Tourism Writers, and senior officials in the tourism and media sectors.

The Tunisian Minister of Tourism stressed the need to remove all obstacles that are limiting the flow of tourists to all Arab countries and encourage the movement of inter-tourism, while adapting tourism services to the requirements of the Arab tourist, stressing the importance of supporting the work of tourism media to develop the inter-tourism movement.