Greek coast guard has seized drugs worth more than 100 million euros after intercepting a Syrian ship sailing for Libya’s Benghazi city.

The Greek officials said in a statement Friday that they had found about six tons of processed cannabis and 3 million super-strength Captagon amphetamine pills hidden aboard the Syrian-flagged ship “Noka.”

“The drugs were found under false floors in eight containers, hidden between layers of coffee, spices and wood shavings.” The statement reads.

According to the statement, the ship, with a crew of 11, was en route from the Syrian port of Latakia to the Libyan city of Benghazi when it was intercepted by Greek authorities off the southeastern coast of Crete on December 05, 2018.

“Noka was escorted to Heraklion port on the Greek island on December 08, where the authorities unloaded its entire cargo.” The statement remarked.

Greek authorities said the crew members have been arrested and will appear before a public prosecutor on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Tobruk port authorities in eastern Libya said they had foiled an attempt to allow two containers laden with hashish coming from Syria.

The authorities said the shipment came through Egyptian ports and then arrived in Tobruk on November 24, but they decided to keep the containers under inspection till last Thursday, when they opened them to found large amounts of drugs.