The Minister of Interior Emad Al-Trabelsi confirmed that anyone proven to be involved in the Abu Salim murder will be held accountable, without exception, regardless of their capacity, in reference to the killing of 10 people in Abu Salim last Saturday.

Al-Trabelsi said during a press conference on Wednesday that “the law is above all" and also explained that he issued instructions to the Tripoli Security Directorate to follow up on the case under his direct supervision. He indicated that the case is now under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Office of the Tripoli Security Directorate, as the entire crime scene was examined, fingerprints were gathered, and weapons were seized.

Last Sunday, the Tripoli Security Directorate announced that the Public Prosecution had launched its investigations into the Abu Salim murder, explaining that the incident claimed the lives of ten people. The Director of Tripoli Security, Khalil Wahiba, said in a press briefing that “a report was received at the Abu Salim Police Station regarding the killing of ten people, some of whom belong to the Stabilization Support Service, inside a house near the Abu Shaala Mosque at the hands of an unidentified armed group.”

Wahiba added that the Public Prosecution was informed of the incident, which in turn began the investigation along with the Criminal Investigation Office. They moved to the crime scene in order to take record of fingerprints, search the house, and conduct a physical examination of the bodies.

The bodies had suffered several bullets while the prosecution ordered that they be presented to forensics to determine the time of the murder, the mechanism of its occurrence, the weapons used, and the ammunition to be seized and presented to the weapons expert, according to Wahiba.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya called for an independent, rapid and comprehensive investigation into the incident, and urged “work to prevent any actions that may lead to escalation and further violence.”