The Public Prosecutor's Office has initiated an investigation involving ten individuals implicated in the murder of two migrants amid a robbery attempt at a storage facility located in the Ain Zara region of Tripoli.

According to the prosecution's statement, the inquiry commenced following the receipt of a homicide report. The Deputy Prosecutor of the East Tripoli Primary Prosecution undertook the investigation at the crime scene in cooperation with officers from the Ain Zara Police Station.

The storage facility's owner, who filed the initial report, attempted to divert the investigation by falsely implicating the guards.

Investigative efforts led to the retrieval of surveillance camera footage showing the offender's movement at the time of the crime. The offender is facing charges of committing the crime with nine of his relatives.

Additionally, he was found to be involved in other illegal activities, notably repackaging expired medical syringes for resale to unsuspecting consumers.

The investigating officer instructed the judicial police to commence the collection of testimonies from the ten accused before their subsequent presentation to the Public Prosecutor's Office for further action.