Two civilians from the mountain city of Gharyan have been killed in Wirshiffana, the city's hospital announced Sunday.

Gharyan Central Hospital said it had received the bodies of Samir Al-Dawaji and Ahmed Zaroga who were killed on identity base in Al-Hararat area of Wirshiffana while they were on their way to Tripoli.

The two victims were severely tortured before being killed by shots in the heads, hospital doctors say.

Gharyan Municipality denounced the killing and held the GNC and government responsible for such acts, calling on them to immediately intervene to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The municipal council also called for a local protest in the city's Martyrs Square to denounce identity-based killing in Wirshiffana. 

Wirshiffana has become a hub for gangsters and highwaymen since the return of the so-called Tribes Army to the region as per a unilateral ceasefire between the Tribes Army and Misrata's Al-Halboos and Al-Mirdas brigades.