The Libyan Archeology Authority launched a project in Al-Marij city that aims at exploring the lost ancient city of Barca, as well as the accompanying Libyan lost civilization that had been penned down in history books.

According to history textbooks, Barca city was there before the coming of the Greek to Libya.

The survey process will start in the old Al-Marij city.

The Head of the Libyan Archeology Authority, Ahmed Hussein, said the project was launched in cooperation with the municipality of Al-Marij after they signed an agreement with Prof. Anna Leon, from Durham University in England that would see the training of a team of Libyan archaeologists.

"They will be trained to use the cutting-edge archeology surveying technologies and the geophysical survey. After the training, the authority will receive the high-tech equipment." Hussein explained.

He added that this survey is a crucial step on the way of finding an important epoch in the history of the ancient Libyans.

"Another survey will be launched in the central region and the surveying process of the Western Mountain region will also be resumed once the budget is ready." The Head of the Libyan Archeology Authority remarked.