Japan's Foreign Ministry announced the convening of the Japanese-Libyan Economic Forum at the Institute of Energy Economics in Tokyo in the presence of Libya's Presidential Council Vice President Abdullah Al-Lafi.

A statement by the Japanese Foreign Ministry said Al-Lafi expressed hope for revitalising economic relations with Japan, highlighting that Libya has been moving towards stability since the ceasefire in 2020.

The Japanese Ambassador to Libya affirmed that the reopening of the embassy in Tripoli for the first time in about ten years would give momentum to enhancing bilateral relations, especially economic relations. 

He also noted that the Economic Forum is convened to support the new momentum towards strengthening relations.

For his part, Libya's Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohamed Aoun, discussed the current situation of the energy sector and the expansion of foreign companies. 

Acting Foreign Minister Taher Al-Baour also delivered a speech regarding the developments in the political situation in Libya.

Meanwhile, representatives of Japanese companies at the forum provided insights into their efforts and concerns in Libya and exchanged views with Libyan government officials.

They also expressed their hope for an improvement in the security situation, allowing them to travel to Libya.

Al-Lafi arrived in Japan on Wednesday at the head of a high-level ministerial delegation for an official working visit, where they met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yuko Kamikawa, to discuss bilateral relations and the activation of agreements in the common interests of both countries and their peoples.