The Algerian Economic Renewal Council said that it would organize a trade exhibition to market local products in Libya on June 03, as one of its members, Abdelraouf Bouhabila, announced in statements to local radio the organization of this trade exhibition to bring together Algerian and Libyan traders.

Bouhabila pointed to the periodic visits conducted by the non-governmental council to several African countries in order to open the way for the marketing of Algerian products in international commercial spaces according to a new map.

This comes after the announcement by the Algerian company Al-Ittihad Investment and Services and the Libyan Al-Mamlakah Holding Company on February 21 to open a showroom and warehouses for various Algerian products in Al-Kraimiya area, where the largest wholesale market in Libya is located. Meanwhile, marketing and distribution points were opened across Libya, especially in the most important cities.

The two parties brought goods into Libyan territory via Algerian trucks, for the first time, whereas goods had previously been exported using Libyan trucks.

Libyan capital, Tripoli, previously hosted two editions of the “Made in Algeria” exhibition, the first in June 2022 and the second in February 2023, with the participation of several Algerian companies specialized in the food industries, building, medical and electrical materials, and industrial equipment.