The Head of the Media Bureau in the Central Bank of Libya, Isam Al-Oul, stressed that the bank will never neglect the national ID number verification before cashing out any salaries for all of the workforce in the government as well as for the students' grants.

In a statement yesterday, Al-Oul said that the current Libyan exceptional situation calls for strict measures, reaffirming that the bank will open channels to contact with everyone who aims at the common good of Libya.

He then concluded by shedding light on the fact that the bank doesn't act by haves when it comes to applying the rule of law, making a flash back at the measures taken by the bank against the cultural attaches in Libyan embassies abroad.

Yesterday, the Salvation Government and the Audit Bureau confirmed that they will keep on fighting financial and administrative corruption in the public sector whose organizations salaries are to be paid only if its workforce national ID matched.

Earlier, however, Tobruk government claimed that the SG had instructed the Audit Bureau in Tripoli to cut the salaries of the government workforce to humiliate the Libyan people.