The Congolese ambassador to Libya said his country was looking for oil and fuel providers, asking the Minister of Oil and Gas Mohammed Oun about the possibility of Libya becoming that provider upon joint regulations and conditions. 

According to the media office of the Oil and Gas Ministry in Tripoli, the Congolese ambassador has confirmed that his country is conducting preliminary studies showing the presence of oil and gas in the country and that, in part, they are extracted in small quantities by international companies that do not bring partial benefit to the country, while the largest part is not extracted and needs to be developed by parties technically capable like Libya, which has long experience in this field.

The ambassador added that his country sought to supply Libyan crude oil to operate some small oil refineries to participate in their development, and in the exploitation of natural resources such as diamonds, copper, cobalt, gold, tin and coltan, which were usually used in the manufacture of modern electronic devices.

Oun, meanwhile, expressed Libya's full readiness to cooperate in this regard, provided that Congo submitted an explanatory document indicating what was required and the quantities of oil and gas it targeted, as well as explaining how to participate in benefiting from other natural resources through the relevant ministries in Libya.

Oun said that Libya was always in all international forums of oil organizations seeking to stand with African countries and demanding that they be given an opportunity to invest in their oil, gas and other enormous natural resources so that they would turn into comprehensive development and then they could demand renewable energy controls that the world had been trying to impose even on African countries that were not considered to have a significant impact on climate-damaging emissions.