The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations Taher El Sonni urged the UN Sanctions Committee to help preserve the Libyan frozen assets against the misuse of certain countries.

In a virtual meeting for the Libyan Investment Authority board and the UN Sanctions Committee on Libya, El Sonni reiterated the need for ending the losses suffered by the frozen assets.

He called for leaving politics out when things are related to the sovereign assets of future generations of the Libyan people, reminding that the freezing decision was made at the time to secure the funds during the interim period and that the call is now for preserving the assets not unfreezing them.

El Sonni also urged the UN Sanctions Committee to speed up solutions for the issue that was raised years ago by Libya, while the board of the Libyan Investment Authority gave a presentation outlining the consequences of not allowing its teams to manage the frozen assets amid financial ambivalence across the world.

The CEO of the Libyan Investment Authority also explained the steps of auditing and reviewing in cooperation with international organizations that all led to the same conclusion: that is, the Libyan frozen assets are suffering losses because the Investment Authority cannot manage them.