Libya's ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni clarified to his Japanese counterpart and the Head of the UN Sanctions Committee, Ishikani Kamihiro, Libyan observations and reservations about the methods of work of the committee in general, and in particular regarding the issue of the names placed on the sanctions list.

El Sonni said that they had also discussed the developments in the political situation in Libya and the efforts to reach consensus on electoral laws, pointing out that Libya had requested to remove the names of a number of citizens from that list, whether for humanitarian reasons or due to the lack of reasons for being on the list in the first place.

He added that he had conveyed to the Japanese ambassador the position of the Government of National Unity on the responsibility of the Sanctions Committee for the inhumane situation to which Gaddafi’s son Hannibal is exposed, adding that Hannibal had been detained in Lebanon for 8 years, and calling for the need to work with the joint committee established by the Presidential Council and the government to follow up on the case.