The House of Representatives (HoR) will discuss the fate of the interim government next Monday, identical sources have confirmed, who revealed the intention of Speaker of Parliament Aqila Saleh to bring forward the issue of reshaping the government at the HoR coming session.

The step comes in light of extensive meetings between Saleh -who was running in last month's presidential elections- and other candidates.

The London-based media outlet, The New Arab, had learned from the sources that among the figures to meet Saleh is the ex-vice president of the Presidential Council (PC), Ahmed Maiteeq, former Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha, a former official in the Gaddafi regime, Abdullah Othman, and the present Vice PC President, Abdullah Al-Lafi, noting that some of them will meet Saleh separately.

According to the sources, Saleh seeks to develop a consensus to sideline the present authority and bring in new leadership, which he is pressing to impose through the HoR.

Dbeibah's critics agree on the necessity to eliminate him from the scene, citing that he is taking advantage of the government’s resources and capabilities to remain in power and maintain his position in the Libyan street in preparation for any potential election, the sources added.

They indicated that Dbeibah is planning a cabinet reshuffle targeting corruption suspects that put him in a difficult situation in front of his rivals.

His second move will be appointing figures close to the HoR and the High Council of State to get a foothold within the two blocks and cut off any attempts to eliminate him from the political scene.

Last Thursday, 15 deputies demanded the Parliament Presidency to insert in its agenda an item concerning the issue of selecting a new prime minister to head "a small technocratic government with specific tasks."

The group declared that they are, "innocent" of the government's acts, which they accused of corruption.