The House of Representatives (HoR) has reaffirmed its full support for the Palestinian people in their struggle to liberate and restore the independence of their homeland.

In a statement Saturday, the House vowed to continue support for the Palestinians despite the challenging circumstances Libya is going through.

The statement also condemned "the Arab and international silence" towards supporting the Palestinian cause, emphasizing that it will remain a central issue for Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

On Saturday, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched an unprecedented surprise attack on the Israelis, firing thousands of rockets as Palestinian fighters infiltrated the occupied territories through land, air, and sea.

West powers, including the US, Britain, and France, hastened to support Israel against what they described as terrorist assaults.

Libya's HoR denounced "the double standards in judging the legitimate defence of the Palestinian people while ignoring the Israeli killing of Palestinians, including children, women, and elderly.

The House said the Israeli aggression pays no regard to ethical, humanitarian, or international standards.