The High Council of State has declared its adherence to the 6+6 committee outcome, which was signed in Bouznika of Morocco, announcing the dissolving of its team after "completing its mission.”

The HCS made the announcement on Wednesday, shortly after the House of Representatives (HoR) approved a set of voting laws submitted by the joint 6+6 committee of HCS and HoR members.

"The HCS decided today, in its 91st closed session, to adhere to the outcomes of the 6+6 committee signed unanimously by its members in Bouznika, the Kingdom of Morocco, on June 3, 2023," the Council stated on Wednesday.

In May 2023, Bouznika hosted the 6+6 meetings for over two weeks to agree on electoral laws for parliamentary and presidential elections in 2023.

The statement said the meetings in Morocco led to “unprecedented understandings" of the electoral laws, including disapproving the candidacy of dual nationals for the presidency post.

The HCS statement came in parallel with the Parliament's approval of relevant laws, which the latter then referred to the High National Elections Commission, as announced by the HoR spokesman, Abdullah Belhaq, on Monday.

Observers deemed the HCS affirmation of the 6+6 committee outcomes an implicit rejection of the amendments adopted by the HoR last Monday.

HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh signed the amendments on Wednesday and announced his intention to send them to the Electoral Commission to work on their basis.