The French ambassador, Mostafa Mihraje, discussed the promising opportunities in Libyan energy market for French and European companies, reaffirming his keenness to attend the second round of Libyan Summit for Energy and Economy next November. 

Mihraje's remarks came during his meeting with the Executive Director of "Energy Capital & Power" and a number of sector experts and companies' representatives. 

The French ambassador underscored the promising opportunities in the Libyan energy market, especially renewable energy, and the importance of enabling an economic environment in Libya to attract international companies.

He also discussed Libya's relationship with Europe as a major energy supplier and an important investment destination, which were issues that would be extensively addressed in the second round of the Summit.

Mihraje reiterated the readiness of French companies to explore investment opportunities in Libya in the fields of renewable energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, and other sectors.

The second round of the Libya Energy and Economy Summit will be held on November 8 and 9 in the capital, Tripoli, to build on the success achieved by its first round, which was held in 2021.