The Italian company “Deepblue Energy Services” announced its desire to carry out exploration activities in the energy sector in Libya, as the company's managing director, Luigi Liberatore, said that they were seriously exploring the opportunities available in the Libyan energy and economic sectors, pointing out that they have previously supported drilling projects in the country.

Liberatore added to the Energy Capital and Power platform that they "seek to spread their green drilling solutions in the oil, gas, and geothermal industries in Libya."

"My participation in the 2024 Libya Energy and Economic Summit helped me obtain some inside information,” he said, expressing his hope to be able to achieve this with the demand for clean technology, "which is something new for Libya."

Italian company Deepblue Energy Services is looking forward to the opportunity to deploy its green drilling solutions in the oil, gas and geothermal industries in North Africa. During the Libya Energy and Economic Summit 2024, Liberatore discussed the activities and opportunities available in Libya and ambitions in Africa.