The Libyan Airlines company announced the unification of the management in the east and west of Libya, after its board of directors took over the company’s headquarters in the city of Benghazi, in the presence of the chairman of the board of directors of the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company.

The Head of Media Office of the Libyan Airlines, Saber Al-Teer, stated that the hand-over process had been conducted between the previous and new boards of directors. Al-Teer said in a press briefing that the new board of directors will work to restore the company's service to previous rates, in all eastern, western and southern regions.

Meanwhile, the airliner praised in a statement the efforts that had a role in its reunification, saying that the step was a national achievement that successive governments had been unable to make for more than 8 years. The statement called on the company's board of directors to make more efforts to retrieve its status in providing better services to travelers.

It is noteworthy that the division in the company over the past period has been reflected in the service performance and hindered the payment of the salaries of workers, according to what the employees of the company reported. The reasons for the division also come from the political fragmentation in the country that took place in 2014, when the company was divided into two: one in Tripoli in the west and the other in Benghazi in the east.