Libyan Airlines has reported that it can no longer launch flights to Al-Abraq International Airport in east Libya.

The acting director of Air Operations, Abdul-Raouf Al-Alam, told east-based Libyan News Agency that the decision was taken for the protection and safety of the airliners’ staff after “persons” - without identifying who they were- committed irresponsible acts against its crew.

Al-Alam was quoted by the news agency as saying that those “persons” at Al-Abraq Airport have frequently insulted the Libyan Airlines’ crew and forced them to carry out acts contrary to the laws of aviation.

He added that all of the company's aircrew refused to serve on flights leaving for Al-Abraq Airport as a result of those behaviors and abuses.

Meanwhile, a letter from Abdul-Raouf Al-Alam to the Chairman of Board of Directors posted online has shown that those “persons” were “under the influence of alcohol and drugs”.