The Presidential Council (PC) in Tripoli has announced that the financial arrangements (budget) of 2019 will be about 46.8 billion dinars.

The announcement came in a meeting Monday for the Head of the PC Fayez Al-Sirraj with the members Ahmed Mitig, Abdelsalam Kajman, Fathi Al-Mijibri and Ahmed Hamza.

The meeting was attended also by Finance and Planning Minister, Economy and Industry Minister, Governor of Libya's Central Bank and the Deputy Head of the Audit Bureau, besides several financial experts.

Al-Sirraj's media office said the meeting went over the issues related to the budget, expenditure and the resources as well as the revenue of the country before the decision was made.

The allocation agreed upon was 46.8 billion dinars, the media office added, saying in the coming days, the PC will discuss to reach a final decision on the matter.

The budget in 2018 was 42.5 billion dinars, 10% less than this year's.