Libya's net revenues from crude oil, gas, and petrochemical oil sales surpassed $5 billion in the second quarter of 2023, a National Oil Corporation bulletin said on Sunday.

The NOC noted that net revenues for April, May, and June totaled 5,460,000, with crude oil sales accounting for over $4,681,566.

Moreover, oil products generated $196,50,278 in revenue during the same period, followed by gas and condensate at $121,905,795 and petrochemical at $1,931,11.

The total revenues for the second quarter of this year were distributed as follows: $1,686,000,000 in April, $1,661,000,000 in May, and $1,653,000,000 in June.

In May, the National Oil Corporation disclosed that crude oil revenues in the Corporation's accounts at the Libyan Foreign Bank amounted to $1.57 billion during the month.