Member of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Masoud Suleiman, has stated that Akakus Oil Operations Company carried out some reservoir and laboratory studies last year and was also able to drill 16 development wells, equivalent to 76% of the plan.

This came during the annual activity review meeting held on Thursday at the NOC headquarters in Tripoli, in the presence of members of the National Oil Corporation’s Board of Directors, Chairman and members of the Company’s Management Committee, general managers and department directors from both sides, and chairman and members of the Control Board.

Akakus Oil Operations Management Committee reviewed the performance indicators for the company’s most important work for 2023 and the targets achieved, in addition to reviewing the monitoring body’s report and its comments.

Members of the Board of Directors stressed the need to pay attention to local development projects in areas close to the company’s fields and give priority for the logistical work to relevant businesses there.