School Books

Shipment of textbooks has started to arrive at the Ministry of Education warehouses in Tajoura, east of Tripoli, the ministry announced on Thursday.

The authorities said they have already received three million copies, while the rest will be forthcoming consecutively.

The Minister of Education said that the books must arrive on August 20 before the beginning of the next academic year, scheduled to kick off on September 2.

The Educational Curriculum and Research Center assured that the entire quantity would reach the stores by July 24.

Minister Al-Maqaryif said the school books this year arrived in a record time compared to previous years.

He praised the local companies that this year took over the printing process despite not receiving the financial values due to the delay in monetizing the budget to the Curriculum Centre.

Last year, the lack of books brought immense challenges for teachers, pupils, and parents alike.

The Minister of Education, Musa Al-Maqryif, was put in custody late in 2021 after his ministry failed to deliver the school books on time.