Minister of Education Othman Abdul Jalil announced the placement of graduates of the secondary school certificate for the academic year 2017-2018 during the "first round" at the Libyan Academy for Graduate Studies in Janzour, in the presence of several university presidents.

Abdul Jalil explained that the ministry took into account all the recent problems that permeated the placement process during previous years.

The minister added that they have also taken into consideration the absorptive capacity of universities and colleges, in addition to the desire of the student in the study identified by the registration system launched by the Ministry last period.

Abdul Jalil clarified that the number of students who registered in the first round was about 14.657 students.

He added that 12,357 students were enrolled according to their wishes in various universities and colleges, while 2,300 students have not yet been placed, indicating that students who have not been registered can register in the second round through the website, which will be activated during the next two days.